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 Matt Coldrick - Music* For A Busy Head (AA0001) - Digital

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Matt Coldrick - Music* For A Busy Head (AA0001) - Digital Empty
PostSubject: Matt Coldrick - Music* For A Busy Head (AA0001) - Digital   Matt Coldrick - Music* For A Busy Head (AA0001) - Digital Icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2008 3:55 pm

Matt Coldrick - Music* For A Busy Head (AA0001) - Digital

ID: AA0001
Artist: Matt Coldrick
Title: Music* For A Busy Head
Label: Absolute Ambient
Genre: Ambient
Date: November 7, 2008 (Digital)
Format: FLAC/WAV/MP3
Length: 50:25

Front Cover:
Matt Coldrick - Music* For A Busy Head (AA0001) - Digital Matt_Coldrick_-_Music_For_A_Busy_Head-%28AA0001%29-2001-Front-500

The title tells the story – using resonance and subtle repetition and working in tempos below that of the human heart at rest Music* for a busy head creates textures of sound designed to usher the listener into a world between consciousness and sleep – an ambient classic.


01-Matt Coldrick - Crown Violet Selflessness...(7:36) - 114bpm
02-Matt Coldrick - Brown Purple Wisdom...(5:48) - 96bpm
03-Matt Coldrick - Throat Blue Unity...(7:35) - 113bpm
04-Matt Coldrick - Heart Green Contentment...(6:49) - 122bpm
05-Matt Coldrick - Solar Plexus Yellow Radiance...(6:17) - 100bpm
06-Matt Coldrick - Naval Orange Purity...(8:02) - 131bpm
07-Matt Coldrick - Base Red Patience...(8:18) - 116bpm

Previews on the official album page:

All tracks written and produced by: Matt Coldrick.
Distributed by: DistElectronic.

Buy it as a digital download from
DistElectronic (FLAC)
Node3 Records (FLAC)

Also available at:

Armada Download (mp3)
AudioJelly (mp3)
BeatsDigital (wav/mp3)
Cytopia (wav/mp3)
Digital Deejay (mp3)
DistElectronic (mp3)
DownloadPlatform (FLAC/mp3)
Etopia Music (mp3)
Judge Music (mp3)
Juno Download (FLACwav/mp3)
M8 Download (mp3)
MusicZeit (FLAC/mp3)
PsyMP3 (mp3)
TrancePool (mp3)

More from Absolute Ambient next week as well!

Absolute Ambient
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Matt Coldrick - Music* For A Busy Head (AA0001) - Digital
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