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 VA - Helicon In Trance (Helicon Sound System Records, 2007)

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VA - Helicon In Trance (Helicon Sound System Records, 2007) Empty
PostSubject: VA - Helicon In Trance (Helicon Sound System Records, 2007)   VA - Helicon In Trance (Helicon Sound System Records, 2007) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2007 2:51 pm

Title: Helicon In Trance
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Helicon Sound System

1 – Mind Antivirus – Setup.exe
2 – Nom – Helicon
3 – Phovos And Dimos – Crisp Meadow
4 – Double Trouble – Dance Upper Pressure
5 – Dark Elf – X
6 – Cymazz – Mind Control Room
7 – Septagram – Gone Fishin´
8 – Sipsis – Pall Bearar

This is the 1st release of Helicon Sound System, and I can tell you mates, it is a “hell” of a release. This compilation is in its entirety, orientated to night freaks - this is a CD with strong night music.
We start our voyage into the realms of this CD, with a chill-out track, made by Mind Antivirus, which is a project by Dj CRX, Holopain and friends. This one starts in a very smooth way, and at about 2:30 minutes, the track has a change of direction; it has an entrance of kick, and different use of sounds. It becomes more confuse, and “aggressive”.
Next we move into Helicon track, a product of Nature of Mind (Nom).In here we are in the world of multilayered twisted sounds and acid lines. The only thing I think it could have more is a little bit of variations in terms of percussion.
Phovos and Dimos, which is the same thing saying Narcosis and Nom, bring us Crisp Meadow, it starts with a powerful kick and bass, it is a dry track, with the use of random sounds, that all combined together give a creepy atmosphere into the tune. Once again twisted ness is the key word.
Dance Upper Pressure, is the Double Trouble “present” in this compilation. This artist is a combination between Dark Elf and Apnea. This tune has a more sharp production, and clean sounds. The 1st 2 minutes, are the build of the track, after this beginning we have raw power till the end of it. Aggressive leads mixed with soft melodies, some hypnotic elements here and there make an excellent combination. Very well built track.
Track nr. º 5 is my favourite track of this compilation. X is its name, and it is produced by Dark Elf, one of my favourite Greek producers. Starts with some male distorted sample, and this one is one of a ride, 6:49 minutes of pure pleasure. It has the particularity of some whistle samples, never heard this kind of sounds in a track, and it surprised me a lot. In fact, it surprised me so much, that the 1st times I heard this sample, I was wondering who was whistling near me. At 4: 07, we have some child samples mixed with a smooth friendly sample.
Mind Control Room is made by Cymazz. Great track with amazing leads, good choice of sounds and great work of production. Interesting ideas, and I wonder where this dudes go get their ideas for production music like this – pure psychedelic from minute 1 to the last. Doesn’t let you go down for a second. This one must make wonders of confusion on a dance floor.
The Doll Master is track nr. º 7. Narcosis in here gave a good approach how to make people dance, the track itself is very well filled with squeezed sounds, random sounds, and the kick and bass make a brilliant combination but the work with the hats is very very good, gives you a lot of rhythm to move.
Septagram is the child product by Dark Elf and Darkshire, and in here we move into territories of more hypnotic sounds, sounds coming from nowhere and going has fast has they appeared. I detach the part of the track at 4:27, where we have the introduction of phantasmagorical sounds mixed with twisted music in the background.
And when I realize we are in the last track of the compilation. Pall Bearer is the track’s name, and it is a work by Narcosis and Cymazz. And what can we expect from such duo combination? In one side we have the work of percussion of Narcosis, on the other side we have Cymazz psychedelic sounds – so we have a “deadly” combination. This is another of my favourites, and this one is meant to be played at high night hours. Pure madness, nice brakes, very dynamic tune.
To conclude this review: this 1st release of Helicon Sound System, is a release designed to be played at night, but watch yourself and your brain when you hear this tunes, because this is pure night madness. A note of the inside booklet, it comes with the description of the artist and who made what, who is who and some pictures of this “shamans”. It also comes with the following message – “…In the beginning, there was the night. The night gave birth to an egg. When the time was right the egg opened up and spited. The 1st half went high and become the sky and the second one fell down and became the earth. From the egg came Eros, the one who connects everything and he’s in the root of every life form, mortal and immortal. Cosmos is a community in which humans, Gods and every living form connects inside. Through harmony, the right portions and justice cosmos is a community which connects the sky and the earth. We deliver the message in the 21st century. Dj CRX”
Keep up the good work Helicon Sound System, at least I am craving for more madness 

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VA - Helicon In Trance (Helicon Sound System Records, 2007)
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