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 Psychoz - Spirits Of The Dead

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PostSubject: Psychoz - Spirits Of The Dead   Psychoz - Spirits Of The Dead Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2007 2:55 pm


1. Spirits Of The Dead – 6:10 (144 BPM)
2. Wood Ghost (Old Version) – 7:10 (149 BPM)
3. Pandora – 6:35 (144 BPM)
4. Orion – 7:46 (147 BPM)
5. Kneel – 7:20 (137 BPM)
6. Angel Sanctuary – 6:44 (148 BPM)
7. Dirty Wash – 6:45 (145 BPM)
8. Aurora – 6:50 (145 BPM)
9. Space Ship – 6:16 (143 BPM)

This is the Spirits Of The Dead a release by Psychoz, an artist that goes already with a very interesting repertoire, releasing music in several renowned labels, such as Zaikadelic, Dark Life Records etc…
What I feel with this album is that it was made with that touch of Goa Trance music, a lot of melodies, leads, even the baseline and kick, kind of reminds me of that structure – structure that characterized so many Goa tunes – we have some melodies for the voyage, but we also have that crazy leads, that madness to keep us out of the real world.
The album revolves around 137 bpm (Kneel track), and wood ghost 149 bpm (Wood Ghost track), the slowest and the fastest tracks of the CD, respectively.
This is an appetite for the new sonorities of Psychoz, it is an introduction of his music into the psychedelic world, the music he nowadays releases, is very different, from this album.
We begin our voyage in this CD, with the track that gave name to the CD, a 144 bpm tune, with some weird, disconnected sounds, along with some piano notes, that give a creepy atmosphere into the tune.
Wood ghost (old version), the fastest track of this CD starts with a very “furious” manner. It has, like the previous track, sounds that will make your head feel a little bit lost; such is the hurry that sounds come and go.
Pandora track starts with a spooky lead, that we can hear it in the rest of the track, repeating several times; we have some variations of sounds, but this track doesn’t oscillate too much in terms of sonority.
Orion, is an intense track, but if it had more variation in the leads, it could surely “fry” your brain, but I think it should have more leads to make it with more random sounds.
Kneel, the 137 bpm´s tune, is in all aspects a slow tune, it isn’t a progressive one definitely; but it starts in a calm way, and this is the atmosphere you get till the end of it, it is a little bit of melancholic, but interesting due to its low bpm´s. We have psychedelic music, without being the typical 150 or 160 bpms standard.
Angel sanctuary is probably the most hypnotic track we can hear here, it has a lead that is very intense, it is present in almost the whole duration of the track.
145 bpm is the key number of Dirty Wash, track nr. º 7, it starts with a female, singing, which in my attempts to identify it, I have failed, maybe some pop music from Macedonia, country where Psychoz lives, it also has some samples from a man speaking has the track is running, also in here I believe a dialect of Macedonia. This is the most pumping track of the album. And to finalize the track we also have present the same female voices of the beginning of the music.
Aurora, didn’t caught to much my attention, because is runs in a very smooth way, not much variations of sound, and the leads repeat themselves to much.
And here we are, in the last track of the album, in a “Spaceship”, in 143 bpms velocity through out the space .We have lots of random spacey noises, appearing very fast, going even faster, very nice way to decompress of the intense sound we had come from.
To finalize the review, I just want to say, that this is not the sound we can hear from Psychoz nowadays, I believe, if this album was made today, it would be very different from this one, and you, listener, can very well perceive this, just listen to the newest releases of Psychoz and you can surely hear the difference. I think it was a good for Psychoz this release, although in this album, it lacks a little bit of dynamism, misses more variety in choosing the layers of sounds. But in the whole of it, some nice moments of music.

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Psychoz - Spirits Of The Dead
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