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 HSS004: N.O.M:The nature of the Mind 2008

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HSS004: N.O.M:The nature of the Mind 2008 Empty
PostSubject: HSS004: N.O.M:The nature of the Mind 2008   HSS004: N.O.M:The nature of the Mind 2008 Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2008 3:33 pm

The 4 mistakes

(os 4 erros)

Why do I have to be so difficult, even to those who want to discover it, to grasp the depth and the greatness of the nature of the mind? Why does it seem like suck a strange and improbable idea?

(porque que temos de ser to dificeis, mesmo para aqueles que querem descobrir, querem agarrar a profundidade e a grandeza da natureza da mente?porque que parece sugar uma estranha e improvavel ideia?)

The teachings speak of 4 mistakes, which prevent us from conceiving the nature of the mind at this moment:

(os ensinamentos falam d 4 erros, que nos previnem de conceber a natureza da mente neste moemento)

(I)The nature of the mind is too close to be recognized. Just as we are incapable of seeing our own face, it is difficult for the mind to examine its own nature

(a natureza da mente mt proxima para ser reconhecida, tal como somos incapazes de ver a nossa face, dificil para a mente examinar a sua propria natureza)

(II)Its way too deep to measure. No one knows how deep it might be. If we knew, we would have become aware of it on a certain degree.

( mt profundo para ser medida. ningum sabe quo profundo pode ser. se soubesse-mos poderiamos ficar conscientes at certo grau.)

(III)It's too easy for us to believe in it.
In fact, we all have to do is count on the bare, clear acknowledgement of the nature of the mind which is always present.

( mto facil para ns para acreditar nela, de facto a unica coisa que podemso contar no claro conhecimento na natureza da mente, que est sempre presente)

(IV)It is too great to be classified. Its true greatness is too vast to become adjusted to our own limited way of thinking. We just simply cannot believe it. Neither can we imagine the possibility of the enlightenment being the nature of our own mind.

( demasiado grande para ser classificado.a sua verdadeira grandeza demasiado vasta para ser ajustada nossa maneira limitada de pensar.simplesmente acreditamos nisso.nem podemos imaginar a possibilidade de o esclarecimento ser a nossa verdadeira natureza da mente)


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HSS004: N.O.M:The nature of the Mind 2008
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