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 Namaste From Russia 2 (Indigo Records, 2007)

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Namaste From Russia 2 (Indigo Records, 2007) Empty
PostSubject: Namaste From Russia 2 (Indigo Records, 2007)   Namaste From Russia 2 (Indigo Records, 2007) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2008 1:50 pm


01 - Deja Vu Fabrique - Mini Naked Race Car - 11:21 [148]
02 - Samadhi - Kalinka Psymalinka – 8:42 [148]
03 - Dissociative - Scalopendr 3000 – 7:42 [148]
04 - Fungus Funk - Deja Vu Poetry – 6:04 [147]
05 - Abnormal Project - When The Goblins Appear – 7:10 [146]
06 - Red - White Night – 6:09 [152]
07 - Dominator - 400 Volt – 6:49 [150]
08 - AeroFurious (Furious vs Whoop) - Atom Core – 8:19 [150]
09 - Psykovsky vs Deja Vu Project - Ketzakoatl – 8:36 [150]
10 - Ilmush - Birth Of The World 5:49 [120]

Namaste from Russia 2 is the second release of Indigo Records. Indigo is the result of 2 friendly labels – Deja Vú Records and Vertigo Records, that in the words of their owners “were united in inspiration to give you all the best of electronic music in the world” – well it all comes down to tastes, but this CD is really something, and for what I have been reading in IsraTrance forum, people have been giving a good feedback on this CD.
But let’s go travel in the waves of this CD:
Track nr. º 1 is Mini Naked Race Car, and it is a track produced by Zolodarenko (R.I.P.). If you have heard his posthumous CD – Déjà Vu Fabrique - you will find several resemblances to some tracks of that CD, or even some music by Terminator, another project by Zolod. When I 1st saw that this CD was bringing more music by Zolod I knew I had to get this CD. This music starts and like the title suggests we are in the world of motorcycled sports. We can hear some engines working, that feeling of the vehicles going fast has hell, but always with the some FX here and there, and a nice groove in the bass. We also have some funny samples, and some laughs, giving a little bit of humour to the track. This track is almost 12 minutes and about the middle of the track we are imbued in the characteristic psychedelic environment that Zolod, created so well – if you know his works and you are familiar with his music you will know what I am talking about. Favourite
Now we move to track nr. º 2, Samadhi, with Kalinka Psymalinka, and Samadhi again makes presence after having contributed with one track on Namaste From Russia 1. This track runs around the 148 BPM´s, it starts with some small leads appearing here and there, creating the mood to this track, then at 1:25 minutes we have some interesting spiral sponge leads accompanied by some works of percussive elements, and I think they are congas, or if they aren’t they are similar. After this work some twilight sounds in the mixture with more dynamic and acid leads. One thing that happens in the track almost in the end of it there is some popular music from Mama Russia. I think it is called Kalinka and it is very well combined with the work of psychedelic trance, and the transitions from one style of music to the other are very well achieved. Favourite.
Scalopendr 3000 is the work by Dissociative. It starts with some samples about taking “…half a gram…”.About 2 minutes of the track, some looping sounds enter, and there is some FX in the background. After this labour some sounds very similar rubber appears. The track is somehow interesting but it really didn’t catch very well my senses.
Deja Vú Poetry is track nr.4 and this one is produced by Fungus Funk, a producer that already has dozens of releases in compilations and has an album released called “F People”. This is the kind of producer that explores very well “territories” of night and day, adding lot of grove ness in his tracks. The track begins with some soft melodies and with the sample: “it starts so simply”; then at 1:00 minute starts the trademark of Fungus Funk, with a particular lead that I think he uses and distorts it very well, achieving a great rhythm. This lead is very acidic, and very twisted - some hypnotic sounds in the background, not much, but the sufficient to create a nice environment in this track, but the work, reeal work is on the lead that comes “more in your face”, that we can hear through the music. Favourite.
Abnormal Project appears in this compilation with a 146 BPM tune. This track called When The Goblins Appear, is maybe, from all the tracks of Namaste From Russia Volume 2 the more light side orientated, with interesting melodies, but always accompanied with a huge psychedelic in the background, with lots of effects, acid lines, sponge and twilight sounds - this is no fluffy music, by the contrary, this track rocks, allowing the crowd to “breath a little bit if you mixing some “hard” music, and in my point of view is ideal to spin it during the day, I mean, this music can be played any period of the party, but I think it suits better in the day. The track is very dynamic, and it never becomes boring with the use of so many sonorities. Favourite
Now enters Red, with the fastest track of the compilation. White Night revolves around 152 BPM´s, and this one, on the opposite of the previous track, is aimed to the night period. Red, a former student of architecture, builds a tune with excellent hypnotic sounds very strident, with a base of a kick and a bass line very strong and the combination of the various sounds give a sensation of deepness and music designed to our inner self. I think this track is leaning for self reflection and to the “discover of our true selves”. The track has a huge brake at 2:36, only stopping at 3:27, almost a minute of breakdown, but in this “space” the acid lines, the psychedelic that we can hear is very continuum, and nothing at all aggressive. This is the exponential period of reflecting hearing this track. Like I said before, this is the fastest track of the compilation, but with this kind of leads and sounds the kick and bass somehow step into second plan, to another dimension, leaving you fully open to surf in the waves of the leads. What a sensation I get on hearing this track – maybe it is because yesterday I drank to much wine and today I am more vulnerable to the sounds, but frankly, what a trip!
Track 7 is by Dominator, 400 volts is an “electrifrying” track, with the characteristically sounds of this project. To be really honest there are some nice parts in this track, but in the overall, this isn’t one of the best tracks I heard from Dominator – this music has lots of percussive elements giving nice rhythm, but I think it stayed far beyond what this project can create. My opinion of course.
In track nr.8 – Aerofurious – we have a collaboration track between Whoop and Furious. This is exploring other “fractal lands”, because this is “fast music”. The 1st minute is relatively calm to the rest of the track. As the track runs I hear always elements of sound being added to the track, creating a nice psychedelia, it almost seems the track is always speeding up. One thing I really enjoyed in this one was the labour of the hit hats, an element that very well used makes wonderful on the music and on the dance floor.
Track nr.9 is a pearl. This music is simply magnificent. Psykovsky and Deja Vú Project (Zolodarenko + Gosha) transport you to another dimension with the sounds that come with Ketzakoatl. It seems to me this track is a little bit oldie - and music from this quality shouldn’t remain for so long kept in the studios of the artists in my own opinion of course. What to expect of this track? Well this one runs in the mood of the track released in the Kill Bill compilation – the Only Love We Will Take track. Expect massive tones of psychedelic effects, and sounds you think where on earth did this came from? This is the result of 3 brains working together. There is lots of dynamism in the track, and there are parts more aggressive, others calmer, and others a little bit lighter side - and almost in the end of the track expect an explosion of sounds after a great build up! This track creates “something” I can not express in words - the deepness, the environment; the mood of the track is really something, which I can’t seem to fully express. You have to listen to it to understand. Even at the end the melodies are bautifull…My gosh I going to cry with this track hehe. “The” favourite.
Ps: I have read in isratrance that this is a remix track of the Erlkoenig track on Psykovsky debut and in fact they are very similar, so it seems this is a remix…
In the end we have a bonus track called Birth Of The World, by Ilmush, it is an ambient track very smooth, very simple and it is a very nice way to end this compilation.
The Artwork is made by Keerysh & Tsolho in Luminokaya Lab. And it is quite interesting specially the back cover – psydelicious.
So to conclude my review I just want to say: this CD is very well spent money. In a CD which has 10 tracks and I enjoy 7, it was well spent money. The sonorities used in here, in my opinion are very danceable, and highly psychedelic.
I recommend to all lovers of Russian sounds go get this CD. You won’t regret it.
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Namaste From Russia 2 (Indigo Records, 2007)
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