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 VA - Simmetry An Kaos - Compiled by Serial Freak and A3k

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PostSubject: VA - Simmetry An Kaos - Compiled by Serial Freak and A3k   Mon Apr 21, 2008 1:55 pm

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Symmetry And Kaos
Label: Mind Experience
Format: Free Download / Wave
Release: May/2008
Catalog: MNDEXP001
Mastering: Andreh Torres (Bash)

01 - Master Margherita - Wooper - ( ) Switzerland
02 - DarkShire - Rain forest Pt1. - ( ) Greece
03 - Dark Elf - Apocalipse Angels -( ) Greece
04 - Septagram - Power Cell - ( ) Greece
05 - ParaNoize - Fucking Evil Noize (Claw Rmx) ( ) Israel+Greece
06 - Bash VS Serial Freak vs A3k - Zapping In Da Night - ( ) Brazil
07 - Agressive Mood - Blueberry -( ) Portugal
08 - Ergot - ??? -( ) Portugal
09 - Serial Freak Vs A3k - Goa King Fish - ( ) Portugal
10 - Anakoluth - 8 Cubits - ( ) Switzerland

Mind Experience is the product of two friends,that share a comon taste - Electronic Psychedelic Music.

This compilation is dedicated to all our friends that helped us and suported us in all this years making
parties in the woods - you know who you are ,and to the musicians that produce Electronic Psychedelic Music, and in the overall to all the people who enjoy this music style.

With this compilation, we tried to bring several spectres of Electronic Psychedelic Music alowing people
to hear some of the 1st works of some artists, aswell has some works of artists already known in the scene.

We would like to give a BIG, BIG, THANK YOU to all the artists, that with their generosity and big hearts
have freely contributed with their tracks to the compilation - Moreno, Dimitri Santas, Mario Darkshire, Alex Ladizinskiy,
Charalambos Pieris, Andreh Torres, Filipe Martins, Nuno Coutinho, and Roman Hunziker.

We would also like to say a big thank you to our designer, D-sign (, that with his vision has brought a
trip for your eyes(artwork will be shown later).

Also to Alexander Basilisk, that support a lot of Free Net Releases, in his site " ", and has
also permited us to upload the music in his site.

André aka A3k and Rui Borges aka Serial Freak
Mind Experience 2008
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PostSubject: Re: VA - Simmetry An Kaos - Compiled by Serial Freak and A3k   Tue Jun 03, 2008 4:29 pm

Nice compilation!

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VA - Simmetry An Kaos - Compiled by Serial Freak and A3k
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