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 Helicon Sound System Presentation

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PostSubject: Helicon Sound System Presentation   Helicon Sound System Presentation Icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2008 3:28 pm

…in the beginning, there was the night.The night gave a birth to an egg. When the time was right , the egg opened up and splitted .The first half went high and became the sky and the second one fell down and become the earth. From the egg came Eros, the one who connects everything and he’s in the roots of every life form, mortal and immortal. Cosmos is a living creation which surrounds all the living creations inside him .Cosmos is a community in which humans, gods and every living life form connects inside.Through harmony, the right portions and justice, Cosmos is a community which connects the sky and the earth.

Helicon Sound System is a contemporary electronic dance music record label situated in Athens. The Purpose of Helicon Sound System is to become a platform for the promotion of Greek music technology and to provide to the dancefloor with the most innovative psychedelic tracks from its international network of artists.
The first CD released in March,2007.It was named Helicon in trance: The underground sounds of Athens and as the title implies , the cd had the most popular tracks that were heard at the ATU parties.

In December 2007, “Helicon in trance” was re-released by Beatspace .
Soon, HSS became known internationally and established a crew of DJs and Artists from 11 countries. The HSS network was at last an indisputable fact and was celebrated with the release of its second collection titled Entropia ,which is being distributed for free via the Internet.

Also,HSS got involved in the project Al Azif along with Psyence Records , Triplag Music , Babaganousha and Hellhazers
The label’s immediate future plans include the simultaneous releases of The forbidden path a compilation from artists such as Silent Horror, Ghreg on Earth, Narcosis etc. and the debut album of the Greek artist NOM, titled N.O.M.-The nature of the mind in association with Beatspace and Arabesque Distribution ,as well as the constant presence of the label at the global physical and digital Dancefloors.
HSS released a collection called Diana,The Moon Goddess as an effort to promote the music coming from the new breed of local psychedelic trance producers.
The release is available from one of the most most forward thinking free music providers,

Finally.The third title " The forbidden path " got released
For more info and samples check :

Beatspace :
Arabesque :
Saikosounds :
Play :
Wirikuta :;jsessionid=PJKLJENDGJJA?showDetail=200216
Goastore :

Soon Helicon Music will be available from


more info at
contact at :
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Helicon Sound System Presentation
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