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 EP - Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions (TRPLGEP005) 2008

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EP - Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions (TRPLGEP005) 2008 Empty
PostSubject: EP - Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions (TRPLGEP005) 2008   EP - Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions (TRPLGEP005) 2008 Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 1:51 pm

Artist: Silent Enemy
Name: World OF Illusions
Genre: Dark Psy full on
Date: August 26, 2008
Format: FLAC (wav)
Length: 31:11

Front cover:
EP - Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions (TRPLGEP005) 2008 EP_-_Silent_Enemy_-_World_Of_Illusions-(TRPLG005)-2008-Front-500

Back cover:
EP - Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions (TRPLGEP005) 2008 EP_-_Silent_Enemy_-_World_Of_Illusions-(TRPLG005)-2008-Back-500

Triplag Music is proud to present EP by Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions.

Silent Enemy (Brasil),
The project was founded in November 2006
Participants of the project :
Hugo Veloso (Dj Korey)
Gabriela Padilha (Dj Gaby)

They decided to create a project called Silent Enemy, that goes from Night full on to Dark Trance. Dj korey, with experience on many dancefloors around Brazil, present a style that goes from Night to Dark Full on. With Abomination, Frozen Ghost, Hydraglyph, Dark Psy, Penta and Wizack Twizack as his influences.

Dj Gaby, is at the beginning of her career. She has Darkpsy trance as a main style inspired by projects like Silent Horror, Baphomet Engine, Crying Orc, Polyphonia, Kindzadza and Derango.

Silent Enemy has the objective to mix Night Full on and Dark Trance, showing that is possible to make something aggressive, dark and dancing at the same time.

We hope you will enjoy brand new tracks with Silent Enemy unique style.

Track List:

01-Schkzyto vs Silent Enemy - Devil Soul [10:56] 155bpm
w&p by Pedro Ducry & Hugo Veloso

02-Silent Enemy vs Rebel Assault - Brazilian Vampire ( Silent Enemy RMX) [10:00] 157bpm
w&p by Jean & Hugo Veloso

03-Silent Enemy - Stay Alive [10:15] 160bpm
w&p by Hugo Veloso

Cover art work by: Pedro aka Schkzyto
Mastered by: Takeomi Masuura a.k.a. Far East Ghost (Heaven+Hell Masters, Japan)

2008 Đ TRIPLAG MUSIC™. All Rights Reserved. Digitally distributed by
Unauthorized broadcasting, copying, distribution, duplication, reproduction or rental of this recording is prohibited by applicable law.
TRIPLAGŪ is a registered Trade Mark. Unauthorised use is prohibited.
web: | email:

For more information about this release, samples and TRIPLAG MUSIC EPs please visit

Buy it as a digital download (FLAC ---> WAV)
DistElectronic (mp3) (FLAC)

Also available at:

AudioJelly (mp3)
Armada Download (mp3)
BeatsDigital (wav/mp3)
Cytopia (wav/mp3)
Digital Deejay (mp3)
DistElectronic (mp3)
Etopia Music (mp3)
Judge Music (mp3)
Juno Download (wav/mp3)
M8 Download (mp3)
PsyMP3 (mp3)
TrancePool (mp3)

More digital info soon!

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EP - Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions (TRPLGEP005) 2008
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