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 VA - Is That Evil Enough? (SER001) 2008

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VA - Is That Evil Enough? (SER001) 2008 Empty
PostSubject: VA - Is That Evil Enough? (SER001) 2008   VA - Is That Evil Enough? (SER001) 2008 Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 4:00 am

VA - Is That Evil Enough? (SER001) 2008

ID: SER001
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Is That Evil Enough?
Label: Scared Evil Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: August 19, 2008
Format: FLAC (wav), MP3 (192-320kbps)
Length: 73:06

Front Cover:
VA - Is That Evil Enough? (SER001) 2008 VA_-_Is_That_Evil_Enough-(SER001)-2008-Front-500

Back Cover:
VA - Is That Evil Enough? (SER001) 2008 VA_-_Is_That_Evil_Enough-(SER001)-2008-Back-500

The shadowy tendrils and tentacles of the darker side of psychedelic trance have been spreading across the globe and Scared Evil Records, based in Germany's Northrhein area, is one of its newest bundle of nerves. Headed up by Gloomy Phantom and Satanic Mutant, two of the German area's most notorious and distinctive dark-psy artists, their vision for the label brings together dark sounds from across the globe. Scared Evil has sought out a myriad spectrum of multitalented, enthusiastic and dedicated artists and DJs under its banner. Their upcoming debut release, "Is That Evil Enough?" exemplifies their primally simple label motive and ideal perfectly. Each track touches upon different aspects of darkness, making the tracklist a spiralling descent into ego-pummeling psy-trance depravity and insanity.

Psyco Bell

Alien harmonic atmospheres leads into a series of diesel-powered bassbeats and chilling, monstrous backgrounds. Insectoid trills and squshy squeaks accompany the mix, which stays fresh, dark, and evolving throughout its seven minutes. Hysterixx shows his talent nicely here.

Velocity Rapture

Churning sub bass that grabs you from underneath forms the foundation for a new moon floor rocker by Morbus Inc. Industrial and ethereal with plenty of sinister groove, this track conjures up spirits bent on keeping you on your toes in the dance space. This track bites you in all the right places.

The Saturnine

This is an intriguing debut artist release. foresty sunset track fills itself with dribbling audio acid and gurgling background pads. Glitchy percussion elements arranged to thumping bass, along with a tension-releasing breakdown, provide the perfect gateway to lower, darker musical roads.

Brain My Damage

TAS has been making quite a name in the dark-psy scene lately. This latest release illustrates this superbly. These are the sounds of devious dancefloor mischief and mayhem. Brilliantly rendered pads and samples collude with groovy, metallic bassbeats and continuously morphing layers.

Chicha Micha i Gotova Pricha

This piece by Sick Noise is relentless and in your face at the outset. These sonic demons are best enjoyed in the peak-hours, with so many layers of darkness and chaos that one can't help but keep the body moving. Turn this up and do your best not to get grabbed and eaten by the speakers.

Leprechaun's Game Over

Satanic Mutant's sound is known across Germany as an evil hybrid of dark, corrosive arrangements with deadly technical accuracy. This steamroller of a beat chugs you right along while piercing synths from the higher frequencies sink straight to the heart. Tis one is not for the weak-knee'd.

Nightm4re Faces

An intro this eerie and haunting by Germany's Gloomy Phantom hearkens devilishly charged bassbeats and drifting pads. Before long, the halloweenish army of digital entities are in full effect. Thrashing drums to glassy synths paint images of ill dreams on dimly lit dancefloor spaces.

Canibal Holocaust

Silent Enemy's track ramps up the tempo and tone of this chilling compilation even further. Spewing darkness across the soundscape with the force of a volcano. Hard-hitting bass and kicks work upward to serrated saw leads, wailing sweeps and organ carried from the halls of Hell's citadels.

Capo Satranon

This track makes for quite a grand finale. Dark Whisper masterfully plucks subconscious sounds from our pop-culture upbringing and tickles your neurons with nightmarishly undulating contortions. Sudden changes in musical mood leads to more maddeningly dynamic sonic insinuations.


01-Toxic Anger Syndrome - Brain My Damage 147bpm
02-Axis Mundi - The Saturnine 150bpm
03-Hysterixx - Psyco Bell 151bpm
04-Morbus Inc. - Velocity Rapture 148bpm
05-Gloomy Phantom - Nightm4re Faces 154bpm
06-Silent Enemy - Canibal Holocaust 160bpm
07-Satanic Mutant - Leprechauns Game Over 150bpm
08-Sick Noise - Chicha Micha I Gotova Pricha 158bpm
09-Dark Whisper - Capo Satranon 156bpm

Previews on the official EP page:

Cover Artwork by: Morbus Inc.
Mastered by: Silent Enemy.
Digital Distribution: DistElectronic[url].

Buy it as a digital download from
[url=] (FLAC ---> WAV)

DistElectronic (mp3)

Also available at:
Armada Download (mp3)
AudioJelly (mp3)
BeatsDigital (wav/mp3)
Cytopia (wav/mp3)
Digital Deejay (mp3)
DistElectronic (mp3)
Etopia Music (mp3)
Judge Music (mp3)
Juno Download (wav/mp3)
M8 Download (mp3)
PsyMP3 (mp3)
TrancePool (mp3)

More to be announced soon!

Scared Evil Records - Germany
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VA - Is That Evil Enough? (SER001) 2008
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