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 * Spiritual Nights * TRIPLAG RADIO Live shows with GANIKA

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* Spiritual Nights * TRIPLAG RADIO Live shows with GANIKA Empty
PostSubject: * Spiritual Nights * TRIPLAG RADIO Live shows with GANIKA   * Spiritual Nights * TRIPLAG RADIO Live shows with GANIKA Icon_minitimeSat Dec 13, 2008 5:36 am

*Spiritual Nights* is upcoming radio show with GANIKA on TRIPLAG RADIO tonight Dec 13th 2008
Featuring producers "DigitalX" & "Krono_Psy" , V.A. "Lycan's Meeting - Lycantrop records". Starts at "18:00 GMT"

* Spiritual Nights * TRIPLAG RADIO Live shows with GANIKA L_f7ec4f87fb2c479f9b149b297c52a29d

Artists Line Up::


Alex has graduated from Electronic music production from SAE and Thames Valley University- London in 2004.
After he's been voted as no 1 psy trance DJ in Cyprus for two consecutive years (2005-6) Today he is concentrated on his own production in his studio in Nicosia, Cyprus.

He's currently working under two darkpsy projects: the solo one DigitalX and VOC (Victims Of Coincidence) with his very good friend Pascal a.k.a Kerberos combining quality challenging, aggressive dark and groovy style. Determination, always in search for new sounds and meanings are the key points taking the major part of his conception for the music production which you can find as a result in his work. Alex is keeping always the underground spirit in his production as his signature.

* Spiritual Nights * TRIPLAG RADIO Live shows with GANIKA L_9742fc9eb30d4c108f8fb5fc2c2547f9



krono_psy is a darkpsy project from luis maia a 24 years old portuguese producer who has been living in holland since 2004
luis has been listen to psytrance music for a few years now but only discovered the production side of things in "06 after seeing is friend helder(aka rawar) working on a track.after then he began learning to create his own sounds,1st with Reason and now with Fruity Loops(07&08) and cubase.he also
utilises ableton live06 for his live performances.once he had learned his way around all this progams he felt confident enough to "step out" and so the krono_psy project was presented to the world bringing with it a sound of full power night time meets twisted forest trance,always trying to blend
in unique effects and incorporate stories of horror/terror/action and even sometimes comedys into his compositions.
so prepare your self for this crazy journey of KRONO_PSY

* Spiritual Nights * TRIPLAG RADIO Live shows with GANIKA L_5d8721fc95274f1582b73a9ed3871b79


* Spiritual Nights * TRIPLAG RADIO Live shows with GANIKA Cover-big-lycansmeeting

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Lycans' Meeting
Label: Lycantrop Records
Format: CD
Release: 13 nov.
Catalog: va_cd001

The Post-Consumer Revolution has begun; a brave new world is forming, where technology serves nature and balance is the paradigm. A pack of lightly wounded Lycans moves into the forest, guided by fullmoonlight and well-fed after a foray into the ruins of a once-great city. Still high from the hunt, with a series of howls they enter an evergreen-ringed clearing, where the ground pulsates with the slap, slap, slap of powerful footpads, moving in time to powerful nighttime psychedelic trance.

Following the administration of ritual drops, the Lycan hunters deposit their human quarry on the dancefloor. Blacklight and moonlight combine to cast an eerie glow over the clearing. Dynamic and hypnotic, the music pulses: even the trees seem to dance on this magical night.

Unafraid, the humans discover their inner Lycan, and the pack expands. With Lycans’ Meeting, the TRACKLIST from that memorable night, the Lycans invite you to join the pack:

1.ORESTIS - Hyper Cube (RMX) 150
2.DEZOLATOR (Psypeyote) - Wickedsick 150
3.WHITE WIZARD - Magnet 150
4.MUBALI - Carnival Law 150
5.MUKTISVARA - Stuck in trance 150
6.SILENT HORROR - Witchkraft 152
7.MIND DISTORTION SYSTEM - Zeta Talk (pole shift) 152
8.ZIK - HP Low Gate 152
9.JELLYHEADZ - Last cool and dance 154
10.ALREADY MAGED - Dusty spiders 155


Enjoy the music ~
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* Spiritual Nights * TRIPLAG RADIO Live shows with GANIKA
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