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 No time No Space (Parvatti Records, 2007)

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No time No Space (Parvatti Records, 2007) Empty
PostSubject: No time No Space (Parvatti Records, 2007)   No time No Space (Parvatti Records, 2007) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2008 1:51 pm


01 – Arjuna – Chemical Jungle - 7:30 (148 BPM)
02 – Atriohm – Shimer Dose – 7:50 (147 BPM)
03 – Jahbo – Ultrasonic Energy – 8:23 (147 BPM)
04 – Papiyan – Lurendrejer – 6:34 (150 BPM)
05 – System Overload vs Mubali – Swan Song - 7:00 (150 BPM)
06 – Mussy Moody – New Visions – 6:53 (146 BPM)
07 – Syntax Error – The Grapes Of Wrath – 5:48 (148 BPM)
08 – Kuro Fusion – The Druid´s Dipsauce – 7:19 (149 BPM)
09 – Onkel Dunkel – Beware Of Geeks Bearing Gif´s – 8:16 (146 BPM)
10 – Gidra – Spider Skunk – 7:36 (147 BPM)

No Time No Space is the latest release of the Parvatti group. After the Psy Stories trilogy of the Denmark label, this time Guiseppe brings a fresh compilation with top quality producers like the case of Jahbo, the brothers Atriohm, Kuro Fusion, Syntax Error and Onkel Dunkel (both ex members of Grapes Of Wrath), and a collaboration track between Mubali and System Overload and Mussy Moody, amongst others.

This compilation brings highly quality psychedelic music for the night, intelligent with all tracks with one purpose: to make you travel without “moving”. If you enjoyed the Psy Stories series and others, this release keeps the high standards raised by this label.

So let’s have a look into the “landscapes” Parvatti brought us this time:

This CD begins with Arjuna a fresh producer from Italy, who starts this compilation with an excellent track. The sounds used in Chemical Jungle (T1), gives me the sensation of being in a jungle, since certain type of leads are similar to sounds you can hear if you were in that place – birds, apes etc… the track starts with some “outer space” leads, but in the 1st 2 minutes of the track we do not have many sounds, this is the warming up of it. Next after the sample “the process started to began to take place inside of me”, the music starts to get more dynamism and there are more FX and twisted lines; the hats make an excellent combination with the percussive elements. At 4:22 we have a “down” of sounds and we have kind of a preparation before the “hammer” strike. But this “hammer”, when it comes, won’t beat in on an aggressive way, by the contrary, it beats in a smooth way. This is the clear case that good and quality music or music for the dance floor doesn’t need to be banging music to make you move and dance and have fun voyages. One favourite.

The brothers Golcev, that compose the project Atriohm, a long time that have already gained their space in the psychedelic world, by the great tunes they are releasing from some time till now. Shimer Dose (T2), runs around the 147 BPM´s and what to expect from this track? Well this is rain of psychedelic sounds, but it is the kind of acidic rain that hits you in the face, and you enjoy it! There are a lot of random noises; hypnotic sounds appear here and there, with the mixing of twilight resonances. This is music to leave you explore your inner self. Amazing how sometimes the words are limitative and do not let me fully express the sentiments to review a track. Such is the pleasure in hearing this track, that I am speechless. If you ever wandered lost in a dance floor looking for your brain because of a track, this is the case of one. Great track!

Next comes one of the “dinosaurs” of psychedelic trance music, Jahbo. But telling Jahbo is an oldie doesn’t mean he was left behind in the process of creating music. You are totally mistaken if you think this way. Ok I will tell the truth, many tracks I heard from him, never excited me much; I know he has great production skills, but they never really got me. This Ultrasonic Energy (T3), proved me wrong; it went through my body like a shiver and left me craving for more, I mean, this track is 8:21 minutes, but it could have a little bit more, like 20 minutes. This is travelling through space and stars in a peaceful relaxation. You surf in the incredible acid lines Jahbo creates, like it is silk. I particularly enjoy the part of the track at about 5:00 minutes, when it starts a lead, that remind me trumpets, of course very distorted, but it is amazing to go through the notes that come out this track. Another favourite.

Papyian is Tommy Jensen and Simon Petersan, whom I think, never heard nothing from them if I recall. Lurendrejer (T4) starts with a heavier kick and bass line, that the previous 2 tracks, but almost the same level then the one from Arjuna. The architecture created by their leads goes in the flow of this CD. All of the sounds are chosen in purpose and they have their right place in this track, but it seems almost like casual and random the sounds appearing in the track. Some sounds seems coming from space ships - aliens speaking - and water hitting the ground (more acid rain?). This is along Swan Song one of the fastest tracks in this compilation with a 150 BPM range.

Now we have the only collaboration track of this CD – System Overload, from Denmark and Mubali from the USA. To tell the truth I never thought to see Mubali in a Parvatti release, not because of his quality has a producer, but because the music he creates goes in another flow of this label. Once again I was proved wrong and this just comes to tell me that it is very good to see the versatilities of a producer. Again we start with a powerful kick and fat bass line, that will be a constant through the track, with some random noises here and there, but they leave some time to fade way, they go in a continuum down of volume. This is probably the more filled and wild track in terms of leads, or at least they are the more forceful to arrive my ears. This track is a great instrument for a DJ tool, because it starts in a very strong way, but with time it shapes and moulds it self to the majority of the sounds of this CD. So it is excellent to make a transition from tracks with harder sounds to others more spacey and hypnotic.

New Visions (T6) is the work brought by Mussy Moody. This lady brings a great psychedelic track, full of bitter sweet sharp sounds, that goes in the mood of this CD. This music starts with several acid lines that put you on alert, making a slow down after the 1st 2 minutes, and making its way building up slowly till the end of it; but nothing to outrageous like it ran out of the level of the track. This one made me fell, like I was inside a dark room, hearing randomized sounds coming from all directions - nothing to aggressive - but very easily assimilated.

Syntax Error, one member of the super duo from Grapes Of Wrath, brings a tune that entitles it self as the name of his older project – Grapes Of Wrath (T7). This track has great leads and sounds, but I seem to miss a more powerful kick and bass line (I’m a huge fan of a strong kick and a fat bass line), and that is maybe why this track isn’t one of my favourites in this compilation. This tune is filled up with spiral sounds, and electrifying leads – but I miss that pumping style in this one.

From the Netherlands comes Kuro Fusion with The Druid’s Dipsauce (T8). Now this one is more my liking. This piece of “labour” starts with a nice kick and a groovy bass line, and right after this start, we get some sounds going up and down, making you go along the rhythm, with a sample saying “what…what the hell is it?”. This track is fully energetic - raw power - with some brakes very well positioned, and interesting build ups. I like very much the vibe this artist created in this track, never loosing the sense of putting the dance floor on fire - even with some long brakes - that makes you want to stomp a lot when all the sounds, leads, kick, bass and hats enter together. Another favourite.

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gif´s (T9), is the work by Monno a.k.a. Onkel Dunkel, the other member of Grapes Of Wrath. This track is along with New Visions from Mussy Moody the slowest tracks in this compilation – 146 BPM´s. This track is huau! Excellent work with everything in this track, the atmosphere throughout the music is really great, and sometimes comes to my mind the work of Grapes Of Wrath. You can expect metallic and industrial sounds in here, mixed together with some short and bubbling effects in the background with a great work on the percussion elements. There are some parts of the track that are more intensively full of sounds, filling every space of the track, other parts more minimal, but I like the variation of intensity almost coming down to minimal parts. Another bomb!

Spider Skunk is the last track of this wonderful release. Gidra is Thomas Lobo from mother India. This track has a kick that is similar coming from inside of a box, lots of random sounds and some “not from this world” sounds including in the background something very similar to a tenebrous lead, that create a spooky atmosphere in it. To me it seemed the calmer track of the compilation.

The Mastering of this compilation was made by Drix at See Thru` Frog Studio, and the booklet artwork, which is very interesting, made by Batunn – I just want also to say the artwork that is printed on the CD is amazing! All those layers of colours mixed in spirals are just great!

To conclude my review I just want to say of that all tracks are very nice, and if you are a connoisseur of Parvatti music this is their trademark music. In certain aspects this is minimal music, mixed with raw magic, and it fills you up in all your measures. I recommend all tracks because they are all very earable, danceable and highly acidic music to trip. If you are collecting music from Parvatti, don’t loose this chapter because it is another great chapter.

Favourites: 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9.
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No time No Space (Parvatti Records, 2007)
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